Positive Thinking for Customer

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Have you ever had this experience: your suppliers are not thinking and they need your remind and guidance repeatedly, which makes your daily work stressful and exhausting?


Most of the suppliers will not have positive thinking for the customers and the causes may include:

  • Lacking of experience;
  • Lacking of initiative;
  • Lacking of professionalism;
  • Personal shortage, not enough engineers;

The suppliers are more willingly to reply on customers and they would rather have customers decide everything instead of offering suggestions. They can be all above or just being lazy. It is for sure that waiting for instructions from customers are the easiest way and also the safest way, since all the decisions are made by customers and even there’s any mistake, that will be customers’.


MES does not think in this way, not even 1{7c3e37b235cc0ab98a6ea75a3c43d421c053baa27ded3c672fa6da03f3152314}. We believe that being a partner of the customer, we have the responsibility to think together with the customers. It is true that the customer designs the product and they have better understanding of it. However, when a drawing comes to production, there will always some possibilities that it may not be as perfect as customer expects in many ways, like:

  • Appearance;
  • Functionality;
  • Hardness;
  • Roughness;
  • Costs;

Taking cost for example, which is also one of the major concern for both customer and MES, costs can be very different from different suppliers. Suppliers with different scales, locations, business patterns and experiences can affect the costs. With a strong local team in China, MES knows how to help our customers saving cost without reducing the quality.


Here’s a perfect sample project MES has finished in late 2017. It is a brushing from EATON. Their current product has both side polished and they would like to have MES to take over this project but with higher quality.

MES’s engineering team analyzed the bushing and the conclusion was the part being polished after stamping. To achieve a higher quality,  MES worked with multiple suppliers and offered the proposal to customer, which was having the raw material polished before stamping. With the polished side protected with film so that after stamping, the polished surface remains safe.

Customer’s feedback shows that MES was correct. Parts had superior quality and most importantly, surface treatment cost was reduced to less than 20{7c3e37b235cc0ab98a6ea75a3c43d421c053baa27ded3c672fa6da03f3152314} and leadtime was cut in half.



MES is glad that we can think together with customers and help them achieve the goals!

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